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If you are interested in automotive and want to work on an automobile company, choosing BMW learnership career can be a great step to start your future. BMW, an abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke (the German of Bavarian Motor Works) is a manufacturer of engine, luxury vehicle, and motorcycle from German that was established on 1916. BMW is considered as one of world’s best-selling automakers for luxury vehicle. As the parent agency of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Mini, BMW proves its dominance in the industry. For motorcars production, this company creates it under BMW Motorsport department. As for motorcycles, the company produce it under the division of BMW Motorrad. In addition, plug-in electric cars production is done under BMW i. BMW has been producing vehicles since 101 years ago and in 2006, around 1,366,000 4-wheeled vehicles had been manufactured by the company in 5 countries. In 2010, the manufactured 4-wheeled vehicles reached approximately 1,481,000 vehicles and for the motorcycles, BMW produced around 113,000 motorcycles. In 2011, approximately 56% of the vehicles that are produced by BMW uses petrol engine. The rest 44% uses diesel engines. Among the petrol vehicles, around 27% uses 4-cylinder models and 9% uses 8-cylinder models.


BMW provides extraordinary chances for every job seekers to understand better about the company and become the essential part of the team. For graduates, the company will assign the job responsibility starting from the first day to ensure that the graduates can immediately apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. For students, the company give the chance to gain comprehensive understanding about the company as interns.

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There are several fields and workspaces that are needed in the company. Those fields and workspaces are:

  • Production: this workspace covers the planning process and continuous servicing and maintenance for the tools that are used for production. It also adapt and change the system of production to accommodate the production of new models.
  • Information technology: digitalization and IT become the catalyst of almost every innovations for the drivers and within the vehicles. It is also an integral part in the development of business process, security and production. Thus, digitalization experts, software developers, and IT specialists are very much needed.
  • Engineering: to develop mobility concepts and future vehicles generation, each component within the vehicle need to be improved. This improvement is impossible without engineers with distinct intellectual flexibility.
  • Additional fields: other fields, including humanities and arts graduates for corporate communications, natural sciences for research and development, interdisciplinary team to represent BMW legal rights, and business scientists for finance and administration process in BMW, are also needed in this company.
  • Those are some of the information about BMW to give more understanding about the possible area for your careers. To get further information about BMW learnership career according to your need, please visit website.
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