Deloitte Consulting Graduate Programme 2018

By | February 7, 2018

Deloitte Consulting is the #1 Consulting practice in the world, as rated by Gartner 4 years in a row. Working at Deloitte Consulting means that you are a smart, accountable, innovative professional with deep industry experience and insights, adding advantage at every level, in everything that you do. We only employ the best people to enrich our proprietary insights and cross category experience.


Deloitte Consulting is a collection of powerful teams that partner to unlock opportunity for our clients, while growing individually and together to reach our own potential.

We go to market as a 3D matrix consisting of industries, capabilities and solutions, providing sustainable advantage for our clients, who are looking for answers, executed.

Are you smart, successful, driven, determined and dedicated? You need to be because our clients look to us EVERY DAY to sharpen their ideas, spot the opportunity, close the gap, and create value… to ADD ADVANTAGE AT EVERY LEVEL

Can you be ambitious for our clients by leveraging your skills in…

If this is who you are, what you want, where you want to go,

We want to meet you…

Because we’re not playing the game, we’re changing it.

About the Job

Adding advantage through: High impact strategy that is executed to deliver sustainable success. Through strategic insight, deep industry experience and innovation that is practical and implementable, we drive pragmatic solutions to future-proof your business, bridging the gap between big ideas and execution, helping you achieve operational excellence, manage risk and achieve sustainable success.

Business Analysis Factory Internship Programme

The Deloitte Business Analysis Factory is a 12 month internship, with the option to extend for a further 12 months. The team consists of Computer/Software Engineering, BCom Informatics and BSc Computer Science graduates. We help our clients solve complex business problems and drive agile thinking by applying various Business Analysis principles. Deloitte Business Analysis Factory works with Blue Chip companies across various industries, with projects launched throughout Africa and the UK.

Deloitte Business Analysis Factory has designed the development journey of an Analyst-level consultant based on the needs within the industry. The journey ensures training and certifications on required tools and methodologies, such as Robotics Process Automation, Intelligent Operations, Internet of Things, and more, according to client and industry needs. An established mobility exchange program with the UK forms part of the 2nd year in the programme.
Systems in the current technology space keep changing, and therefore companies need clear communication of client needs to technical development.

If you have the business analysis skills toolkit, you may be one of us.

Minimum requirements

· Final year of study or Honours in BEng Computer/Software Engineering, BCom Informatics, or BSc Computer Science
· Minimum 65% academic qualifies
· South Africa citizen
· A passion for Consulting
Behavioural requirements:
· Leadership skills
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Ability to present yourself in a competent and professional manner to the client at all times
· Conscientious approach to delivering results
· Ability to prioritize competing responsibilities
· Demonstrate lateral thinking skills
· Demonstrate a broad approach to problem solving
· Ability to work efficiently and meet all deadlines
· Show enthusiasm towards learning
· Attention to detail



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