Do You Have a Nursing Diploma: Apply for Operational Manager Position 120 Posts

By | January 17, 2018

Related imageAPPLICATIONS : Applications directed to the addresses as indicated below or Hand Delivery as
indicated below: The Manager – Recruitment and Selection – Ms K Livi, Ground
Floor (Shop G), Dukumbana Building, BISHO, 5605 or posted to the Department of
Health, Private Bag X0038, BISHO, 5605, Tel: 040-608-1236

CLOSING DATE : 30 January 2018

NOTE : Applications must be posted on the Z83 Form accompanied by copies of
Qualification(s), Identity document (certified within the past 03 months), Proof of
registration, proof of citizenship if not RSA citizen, a comprehensive CV, indicating
three reference persons: Name, Contact Numbers and email addresses. A
relationship with reference. Reference checks will be done on nominated
candidate(s). Note: Failure to submit these copies will result in the application not
being considered. Please do not send any original certificates, diplomas or
testimonials. Applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they
are short-listed and that their appointment is subject to the outcome of these checks
including security clearance, security vetting, qualification verification and criminal
checking. Note that correspondence will only be conducted with the short-listed
candidates. If you have not been contacted by the Department of Health within three
(3) months of the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your
application was unsuccessful. We thank all applicants for their interest.

SALARY : R499 953 – 562 698
CENTRE Various Clinics
Alfred Nzo District – Allocation: 10 Posts
Sub-District Clinic Ref No
Maluti Sub-District Afsonderig Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/AFS/01/2018
Likhetlane Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/LIK/01/2018
Magadlangala Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/MAG/01/2018
Mparane Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/MPA/01/2018
Mzongwana Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/MZOG/01/2018
Ntlola Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/NTL/01/2018
Queens Mery Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/QNS/01/2018
Greenville Gateway Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/GREN/01/2018
Meje Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/MEJ/01/2018
Qwidlana Clinic ECDOH/AN/PN-B3/QWID/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Mr K Praim Tel: 039-7976070
Amathole District – Allocation: 20 Posts
Sub-District Clinic Ref No.
Amahlathi Peddie Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/PEDC/01/2018
Komga Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/KOGC/01/2018
Mgwali Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MGCL/01/2018
Hamburg Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/HMBC/01/2018
Daliwe Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/DLC/01/2018
Kati-Kati Clinic ECDOH/PB-B3/KTKC/01/2018
Mbashe Jongqi Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/JINGC/01/2018
Fort Malan Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/FTMC/01/2018
Mnquma Tafalofefe Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/TAFLC/01/2018
Nozuko Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NOZC/01/2018
Gcaleka Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/GCLC/01/2018
Qolora Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/QOLC/01/2018
Ibika Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/IBKC/01/2018
Highview Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/HIGVC/01/2018
Mqabeni Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MQBC/01/2018
Ntseshe Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NTSC/01/2018
Nkonkobe Washington Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/WASC/01/2018
Debe Nek Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/DBNC/01/2018
Perkdale Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/PERDC/01/2018
Nomakhwezi/Makhotyana ECDOH/PN-B3/NOMKC/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Ms N Zitumane Tel: 043-7076700
Chris Hani District: 31 Posts
Sub-District Clinic Ref No
Emalahleni Ndonga Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NDNG/01/2018
Ngonyama Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NGC/01/2018
Nompumelelo Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NOM/01/2018
Philani Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/PHLC/01/2018
Engcobo Clarkbury Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/CLRC/01/2018
Lucwecwe Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/LUCWC/01/2018
Mlophekazi Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MLPC/01/2018
Qhumanco Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/QMNC/01/2018
Intsika Yethu Gqongqorha Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/GQNC/01/2018
Isikhoba Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/ISKC/01/2018
Mthingwevu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MTHC/01/2018
Ncora Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NCC/01/2018
Nquqhu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NQUC/01/2018
Ngxabangu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NGXB/01/2018
St Marks Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/STMC/01/2018
Mbukukhweza Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MBKC/01/2018
Ntshingeni Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NTSHC/01/2018
Lukhanji Clinic Fansbury Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/FANSB/01/2018
Gardens Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/GARD/01/2018
Lizo Ngcana Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/LIZN/01/2018
Shiloh Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/SHLC/01/2018
Zigquthu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/ZIGC/01/2018
Hackney Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/HACC/01/2018
Molteno Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MOLTC/01/2018
Inxuba Yethemba Lingelihle Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/LINGC/01/2018
Michausdal Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MICHC/01/2018
Sakhisizwe Mchewula Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/MCHC/01/2018
Ncedolwethu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/NCDL/01/2018
Thembalethu Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/THC/01/2018
Qiba Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/QIBC/01/2018
Xonxa Clinic ECDOH/PN-B3/XONC/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Ms Z Sihlali Tel: 045-8071100
Sarah Baartman: 30 Posts
Sub-District Clinic Ref. No.
Camdeboo Aeroville Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/AERC/01/2018
Baviaans Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/BAVC/01/2018
Masakhane Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MASC/01/2018
Willowmore Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/WILLC/01/2018
Kouga Addo Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/ADD/01/2018
Bergsig Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/BERS/01/2018
Kareedouw Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/KAR/01/2018
Kirkwood Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/KRKC/01/2018
Kruisfontein Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/KRUIS/01/2018
Lukhanyiso Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/LUKC/01/2018
Masakhane Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MASK/01/2018
Moses Mabida Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MOM/01/2018
Pellrus Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/PELL/01/2018
Bongweni Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/BONC/01/2018
Weston Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/WESC/01/2018
Makana Joza Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/JC/01/2018
Kwa-Nonkqubela Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/KWN/01/2018
Kwa-Nonzwakazi Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/KWN/01/2018
Marselle Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MARS/01/2018
Middle Terrace Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MTC/01/2018
NG Dlukulu Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/NGD/01/2018
Nkwenkwezi Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/NKC/01/2018
Nolukhanyo Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/NOLK/01/2018
Port Alfred Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/PAC/01/2018
Raglan Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/RAGC/01/2018
Gracey Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/GRAC/01/2018
Verabaford Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/VERA/01/2018
Graaf Reinet Masizakhe Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/MASC/01/2018
St Francis Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/STFC/01/2018
Clarkson Clinic ECDOH/SB/PN-B3/CLARS/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Mrs L Rautenbach Tel: 041-408 8523
Nelson Mandela Bay District: 1 Post
Sub-District Clinic Ref: No
Nelson Mandela Metro Bay N.U.8Motherwell Clinic ECDOH/NMMB/PNB3/NU8/01/2018
Joe Gqabi District: 17 Posts
Sub-District Clinic REF: No.
Elundini Sub-District Maclear Town Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/MAT/01/2018
Tsitsana Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/TSIT/01/2018
Block H Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/BLH/01/2018
Hillside Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/HILS/01/2018
Jamestown Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/JMS/01/2018
Khayamnandi Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/KHM/01/2018
Tembisa Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/TEM/01/2018
Venterstad Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/VENT/01/2018
Senqu Sub-District Hlomendini Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/HLM/01/2018
Robert Mjobo Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/ROB/01/2018
Sonswabile Zandile Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/SON/01/2018
Sterkspruit Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/STE/01/2018
St Augustine Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/STA/01/2018
Queen Noti Clinic ECDON/JGD/PN-B3/QEN/01/2018
Empilisweni Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/EMP/01/2018
Hlankomo Clinic ECDOH/JGD/PN-B3/HLN/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Ms N Mdashe Tel: 051-633 9601
OR Tambo District: 11 Posts
Sub-District Clinic Ref: No.
KSD Mthatha Gateway Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/MTG/01/2018
Zithathele Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/ZIT/01/2018
Mvezo Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/MVC/01/2018
Qaukeni KTC Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/KTC/01/2018
Xurana Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/XUR/01/2018
Mhlontlo Shawbury Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/SHB/01/2018
Malepelepe Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/MAL/01/2018
Tikitiki Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/TIKT/01/2018
Nyandeni Lujizweni Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/LUJ/01/2018
Nyandeni Clinic ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/NYD/01/2018
St Barnabas Gateway ECDOH/ORT/PN-B3/STB/01/2018

ENQUIRIES : Mr SS Situma Tel: 047-502 9017/18

REQUIREMENTS : Basic R425 qualification (i.e. Diploma/Degree in Nursing) or equivalent qualification
that allows registration with the SANC as a Professional Nurse. A post basic nursing
qualification, with a duration of at least 1 year, accredited with the SANC in one of
the specialties referred to in the glossary of terms R48 Clinical Assessment
Treatment and Care). A minimum of 9 years appropriate/recognisable experience
in nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with the SANC in General
Nursing. At least 5 years of the period referred to above must be
appropriate/recognisable experience in the specific specialty after obtaining the 1
year post basic qualification in the relevant specialty.

DUTIES : Supervise and ensure the provision of effective and efficient patient care. Ensure
clinical nursing practice by the nursing team in accreditation with the Scope of
practice and nursing standards as determined by the Department of Health.
Maintain good interpersonal relationship with nurses and other Stakeholders (i.e.
inter-personal, interscope and multi-disciplinary) team. Promote quality of nursing
care as directed by the professional growth/ethical standards and self-development.
Take part in the turnaround strategy, PHC Reengineering, strengthening of National
Core Standards and Ideal Clinics.

Source: DPSA

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