Get a Free Forex Trading Account Now and Learn How to Trade

Free training on demo account.

Every person can open a free demo account and learn how to operate the trading platform and trading strategies for unlimited period of time and absolutely free. Even having no idea about FOREX market you can try yourself as a trader on demo account. Despite the fact that all trades on demo accounts are virtual, you have exactly the same conditions as on live accounts. On a demo account you can open and close positions as if you are trading on a real Forex.

No matter how many questions arise, you can try to find the answers working on a demo account without risk. If you need, you can open any number of demo accounts totally free. Moreover, 24/5 Support Service is available by ICQ, chat, telephone or email.

 Trading on live account.

When you gain experience of trading through the platform and learn the major trading strategies, you can try trading on a live account limiting your risks. As minimum trade volume is not limited, you can trade according to the principle “risk=profit”, when only you determine the volume of your investments.

Live trading gives you more in comparison with a demo account, no matter how seriously you take the virtual trading. Trading with real, even minimum funds, you begin to feel the connection between your profit and currency movements. This experience is very important for moving to the next level of trader’s development.

Get a Free Forex Trading Account Now and Learn How to Trade 1

Professional work.

Having the necessary knowledge, a trader is able to work independently on the currency market using his own or borrowed trading strategies for making profit from currency movements. A professional trader develops the style of his trading and chooses the instruments which are suitable for his strategy.

How to Open a Free Trading Account

Get a professional forex broker software online and open a new account. Use a free account to train yourself to become a trader. Once you feel confident to trade on a live or real account, you can switch to a real account.

Remember, forex can be risky if you trade without a professional trading training. So, you must get intensive training before you start trading forex.

All I wanna ask you is, are ready to start trading forex?

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