How Students Can Stay Positive About Their Matric Results

By | January 24, 2018

The annual release of the matric results is a defining period for South African students, who should keep a positive outlook at this pivotal moment. A matric certificate affects each student’s educational and career prospects.

During this period, stressed matriculants handle their anxiety in different ways. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, the country’s average suicide rate is 17.2 per 100,000 people (8% of all deaths) based on deaths reported by academic hospitals. Some of these suicides occur among students unhappy about their academic results, which is why students should know they have other options even if they failed matric.

Not all students are aware they can still be successful in life despite not passing matric the first time round. They should not see their failure as a permanent setback, and know what they can do to improve their matric results.

Here are some effective ways to help matric students get through this period.

Encourage matric students to receive pre-results counselling

It is crucial for students to receive counselling before their matric results are announced. This early intervention will help reduce the risk of suicides during this period. There are multiple counselling centres that help pupils by providing therapy and advice on making it through matric.

What signs of suicide risk should you look for in your loved ones?

Although the matric year is largely a positive time in a young person’s life, it also comes with a lot of pressure. As a parent or friend of a matric pupil, you should pay attention to their behaviour and attitude.

Most students would not consider suicide, of course, but it is worth knowing how you can help someone who might be contemplating such an act.

Here are some signs to look for in students who are depressed or suicidal:

  • They are withdrawn and often by themselves, and do not communicate well.
  • They speak negatively about their school and their studies.
  • They show negative emotions such as sadness.
  • Any talk about ending their lives – even if it’s an apparent joke.
  • They’re not motivated to study.
  • There are signs of self-criticism, aggressive behaviour or a change in personality.

Encourage students to be positive despite the outcome

When students do not pass matric, they can deal with the trauma in different ways. Without adequate support, the effects can be detrimental.

Disappointed matric pupils need to be reassured and given the courage to try again. They should be motivated not to give up and, most importantly, consider the bigger picture: they have the rest of their lives to make something out of themselves through their careers.

Failing matric or doing poorly is not the end of the road. Many institutions provide an all-important lifeline for pupils who need to rewrite their matric.

  • Here are some ways that students can stay positive despite the outcome:
  • They should speak about their feelings and express their goals.
  • They should research their options after receiving their results.
  • They should have an action plan to rewrite their matric or study further.

What are the options for matric students who have not passed?

At Intec College, students can rewrite their matric examinations or even just a single subject to improve their results.

Alternatively, students can choose to study from a range of programmes through Intec’s correspondence college that will help them begin their careers or access other educational opportunities.

Intec College has a superior support structure. In their academic endeavours, students are assisted by the Academic Advising Centre. This team is dedicated to helping students in all areas of their studies and ensuring they perform well, pass their exams and obtain a matric certificate.

Take the opportunity to study further with Intec

Intec College empowers young people with the skills they need to be successful. It offers comprehensive and diverse courses in many fields.

The college, which is affordable for most, also accepts students with fair matric results who want to study an educational course with an accredited institution.

Intec College is also a great option for students who need to earn an income while studying. They can continue their matric studies through correspondence learning and learn at their own pace. In this way, they can work while obtaining their matric.

This opportunity is also available for anyone already in the working world who do not have a matric certificate. No matter their phase of life, Intec’s correspondence learning programme makes it possible for them to complete their grade 12 year.

Motivation for matriculants

The world is waiting for the next generation of talented youngsters to bring innovation to every industry. As a matric student, you have the power to build a successful career. Your unique abilities can make a significant difference, and if you are willing to sharpen your skills, you can have a prosperous future.

The possibility to be great lies within you. Allow your matric qualification to be the gateway to your career.

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