National N Diploma: Business Management

By | January 17, 2018


Managers plan, direct and organise the work of a department, company or small business. They decide how goals can best be achieved and take decisions regarding the resources needed. Managers plan budgets and time-scales, organise the daily running of the business or organisation and keep staff informed and motivated.

As a manager you will provide leadership, set goals and implement strategy, oversee budgets and targets, monitor recruitment, training and organisation of staff and see to compliance with company regulations and policies. Senior Managers may be appointed to executive positions such as a director, chairman or CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Other management functions include administration, production, finances, marketing, purchasing, sales, advertising, customer relationships, etc.

Entry Requirements: A senior certificate with a National Introductory Certificate (N4 Business Studies), or an appropriate National Certificate (N3), or a National Senior Certificate, or an equivalent qualification.

Duration: 6 Months per Certificate.

Subjects: Entrepreneur and Business Management N4, Financial Accounting N4, Management Communication N4, Computer Practice N4.

Entrepreneur and Business Management N5, Financial Accounting N5, Sales Management N5 Computer Practice N5.

Entrepreneur and Business Management N6, Financial Accounting N6, Sales Management N6, Computer Practice N6.

Price List for National Diploma Business Management N4 -N6

Course name Reg Deposit Monthly Total Duration
1st YEAR
Intro N4-N4
R500.00 R2,500.00 R899.00 R13,788.00 1 Year
2nd YEAR
R899.00 R10,788.00 1 Year
Exam Fee: R100 per Semester

Career Options: Entrepreneur, Company Manager, Office manager, Head of
Department, Assistant Manager, General Manager

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