Platinum Cash n Carry Workers

Platinum Cash n Carry Internship Programme. Platinum Cash n Carry Group has an opportunity for young and vibrant graduates from HET and TVET Colleges.

HET and TVET College Following fields of study:

Graduates HETI (University) Degree / Diploma

  • Retail Business Management,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Logistics Management,
  • Operations Management,
  • Financial Management,
  • Credit Management,
  • Logistics,
  • Human Resources Management and
  • Information Technology

TVET Diploma in the following field of study:

  • Retail Business Management,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Credit Management,
  • Logistics and Transport Management

How to apply:

Email the following documents to or fax to 086 732 4642

  • CV
  • Certified copies of ID copy,
  • Matriculation certificate and Qualifications or results

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