RCL FOODS -Handyman

Job Title Handyman
Department Engineering
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location – Town / City Wolwehoek
Location – Province Free State
Location – Country South Africa


Job Description – Maintain a constant steam supply to both the Processing and By-products plants
– Attention to detail
– Ability to work autonomously
– Daily inspections of the boiler as per job card
– Operate the boiler in a safe manner in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
– Pull the fire and make the boiler safe in situations where safety or equipment is in jeopardy
– Fill the coal bunker to ensure sufficient supply of coal for optimal boiler operation
– Observe pressure, temperature, and draft meters on panel to verify specified operation of the boiler
– Turn valves and adjust controls to set specified fuel feed, draft openings, water level, and steam pressure of boiler
– Observe boiler and auxiliary units to detect malfunctions and make repairs, such as changing burners and tightening pipes and fittings
– Maintain a log of meter and gauge readings and record data, such as water test results and quantity of fuel consumed


– Clean the ash out of the boiler chimney and tubes when the boiler is not operational to avoid blockages.
– Clear ash from the floor and remove the ash trolley to prevent clogging and injury
– Clean the ash out of the boiler chimmey and tubes when the boiler is not operational to avoid blockages
– Ensure ash disposal is done in compliance with environmental


– Assist the artisan with minor maintenance of the boiler
– Weekly preventive maintenance
– Report defects on the boiler requiring external interventions and ensure repairs are done

– Manage coal stock delivery and flag late or non-delivery to avoid depletion of the coal supply, which could lead to production downtime.
– Record daily and hourly actions and consumption in order to obtain a history log on the operational efficiency of the

– Steam supply to By-products and processing plants
– Constant coal supply to boiler
– Safety of boilers
– Recordkeeping
– Housekeeping

Minimum Requirements – Grade 12
– Boiler operator trade test or relevant qualification
– Knowledge of the correct and safe handling of handheld power tools, tools and welding equipment.
– Good communication skills
– Willing to work overtime and weekends when required
– Ability to multi-task
– Knowledge of poultry equipment would be an advantageous.
Duties & Responsibilities


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