Job Description

Registered Nurse – HERMANUS

Duties include but are not limited to:


  • Do morning handover according to ISBAR procedure with Duty Sr on opposite shift
  • Ensure all reporting up to date for handover and all information checked when receiving handover

Morning admin(before medication rounds):

  • Log on ECP
  • Check emails
  • Check fire lists
  • Check resident list
  • Sign off on diet and tray list

Daily admin during shift:

  • Follow up on new scripts and phone the pharmacy to arrange
  • Follow up on Dr’s appointments
  • Follow up on all tests (blood, urine) and receive results
  • Do adjustments to medicine and care plans on ECP.


  • Sister on duty checklist to be monitored daily
  • Ensure all staff are fully informed about all related policies and procedures


  • Daily reporting to the Unit Manager on any interventions during the shift
  • Thorough reporting during shift change
  • Incident reporting
  • Report IOD to HR and Unit Manager
  • Comprehensive reporting of patient/resident on the ECP observation system
  • Time stamping on ECP
  • Medication on ECP

ECP summary report/non charting auditing:

  • Altering of care plans and investigation of non charting items


  • Allocate staff on shift according to patient needs and operational requirements and specific activities and information from the handover process
  • Do changes in staff allocation throughout the shift according to changes in needs and requirements
  • Ensure full compliment of staff on duty
  • Ensure standy list is populated
  • Performance appraisals with staff
  • Promote sound relationships and motivation in team members
  • Address any issues with regards to staffing in terms of performance and discipline with the assistance of HR where needed


  • Monitoring of scheduled drugs and ensuring the 100% correct administration thereof
  • Ensure all blister packaged medication is available on the trolley and medication no longer prescribed are removed from blister pack
  • Check all scripts and cupboards for any medication not in blister packs
  • Prepare liquid medication and injections as per script
  • Do rounds, check for sufficient consumption and administer all medication to residents as per the scripts
  • Check for any side effects of medication and adjust accordingly by phoning the doctor and arranging for new script
  • Chart medication on ECP
  • Sign medication book
  • Unpack medicine trolley and ensure all necessary medications (schedule 5&6) are locked away
  • Manage medication change process. (Phone Dr to get script, send script to pharmacy, make changes on ECP and place copy on residents file)


  • Regular MDT meetings with inhouse healthcare support team
  • Regular meetings with outside healthcare professionals and amend care plans and ECP upon their recommendation of specific resident


  • Assessment of patient upon admission
  • Ensure necessary documentation is completed and sent to Clinical head for review
  • Draw up person centered care plan and put on ECP
  • Contact with medical doctors and families
  • Organise medication for patient and follow up on scripts at discharge
  • Follow up with appointments with doctors
  • Draw up discharge plan and discuss with family


  • Check trays and diet list and approve
  • Confirm meal sheets, cancellations and new admissions are correctly added to meal sheets daily
  • Ensure that the Food Ambassador performs duties according to job description
  • Handle all food related complaints and refer to relevant parties
  • Send special instruction / changes / ad hoc to the kitchen in liaison with dietician
  • Control cancellations
  • Do referrals to inhouse dietician
  • Oversee intake and outputs and adjust care plan if necessary
  • Intervene where necessary


  • Oversee and do dressings, wound care and pressure care
  • Deal with skin lesions
  • Do catheter care and flushing intervention
  • Do daily resident rounds and measure vitals
  • Assess patients on specific areas of concern and adjust the care plan as needed


  • Educate and manage staff on health and safety related issues
  • Maintain effective infection control practices
  • Manage the prevention of incidents


  • Assist with topic specific inhouse training
  • Assist with training as required


  • Follow emergency plan in the case of panic button alerts.
  • Act according to patient’s living will in case of emergency or resuscitation
  • Phone emergency services immediately for village emergencies.
  • Phone Dr of resident in case of emergency
  • Phone family in the case of death to inform them in a calm and dignified manner
  • In the case of a death, phone the undertaker
  • Liaise with the family regarding the resident’s belongings and any other arrangements, including memorial at the HCC (if applicable


Qualifications – Relevant nursing qualification, SANC registered. Up to date BLS. Evidence of continous learning.

Experience and Knowledge – Relevant experience as a shift leader, palliative care, rehab, strokes, sub-acute.

Skills and Attributes – Strong interpersonal skills, professional communication, ability to work under pressure, managerial skills, making sound decisions, computer literate, professional, focused, fluent in English, proactive, organisational skills, be able to converse with people on different levels – staff, families, MDT and other professionals coming into the facility. The incumbent should be well presented and professional.

Working Hours – Normal working days are Monday to Sunday. You will be required to work 16 shifts per month. Day shifts will be worked between 07h00 to 19h00 and night shifts between 19h00 and 07h00

How to apply

  •                                To Apply Upload Your CV Here