Rewriting Your Matric Can Set You Up For A Lifetime Of Success

By | January 24, 2018

The annual release of South Africa’s matric results is a much-celebrated occasion. Pupils who excelled have many options available to them. Yet those who did not pass must also be supported to help them restore their career prospects.

The country is relying on the next generation of talent to contribute to the economy – not just professionals who have already made it, but also ordinary students who are entering the jobs market or still studying.

While the matric results have dominate the headlines, there has also been a debate about how pupils should be supported throughout the year to pass matric. Schools in rural areas are affected by issues such as inadequate infrastructure and a shortage of teachers, which may lead to some pupils underperforming in their exams.

The government is trying to overcome these challenges, but pupils who fail grade 12 due to such circumstances, or because of other reasons, need to know they can improve their results by rewriting their matric exam.

Changing the perception of the matric rewrite

Pupils who failed must be inspired to try again. These youngsters need to know what options they have after the release of the results, to keep them from giving up altogether. Encouraging them to keep trying until they pass can prevent them from falling prey to depression, drug addiction or suicidal thoughts.

Rewriting the matric exam must be seen in a positive light. Reminding pupils of the value of a matric certificate gives them hope for their future, and any stigma attached to failing the year-end exam needs to be addressed. In reality, pupils who pass after a rewrite also go on to make a success of their lives.

Make your future count with a matric qualification from Damelin Correspondence College

Colleges such as Damelin Correspondence College (DCC) allow students to pursue their matric studies through distance learning. Not every student can afford to study matric a second time, and some already have to work and earn an income. Through correspondence learning, DCC allows them to follow a flexible study programme even if they are already employed.

At DCC, students have the opportunity to study for rewriting matric. They can complete grade 12 with the college or redo the grade to improve their results. On the college website, students can download a fact sheet to learn more about the programme and the costs, or fill out a form for a consultant to contact them with more details.

How will a matric certificate strengthen your success?

A matric qualification creates better career prospects for students. As industries evolve, the chase for talent and skills will only intensify, creating opportunities for matric graduates to pursue further education and obtain degrees and diplomas. Such an investment allows them to flourish in their professional lives.

By inspiring our youth to improve their matric results, we create a nation that preserves talent and ensure that more people live up to their full potential.

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