Published 01/03/2019
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
Introduction Founded in 1912, Fraser Alexander has grown from humble beginnings to become a key player in the South African mining industry and in selected global locations.

Fraser Alexander is a leading supplier of Mining services which include: Minerals Processing, Construction and Tailings. A solid and well respected brand in the mining services area is looking to attract key talents to add to its existing pool of highly sought after professionals.

Job Functions Health & Safety
Industries Construction
Specification To develop, implement and maintain SHEQ management systems to effectively manage Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality related risks. Create an environment in which employees behave responsibly towards the risks that form part of their specific work environment.

Incumbents will assume total responsibility for:

Lead and be Accountable

Set an example by demonstrating the right employee safety behaviour and encouraging strong team work at all levels.

Create a culture amongst subordinates to archive goals and targets.

The need to exert influence over others such that they choose to act in a way that aligns with the values & goals of the business,

Legal Requirements

Relevant area regulatory and other requirements (regulations, licences, permits etc.) are identified, interpreted, made accessible and complied with.

Ensure submission of applicable statutory documents (licences, permits etc.) to meet requested timeframes.

Ensure that all employees in area of responsibility are made aware of and understand the latest legislative requirements.

Ensure that the necessary legal and other appointments are made, maintained and recorded (copy of original) in the area of responsibility.

Ensure that employees understand their roles, duties and responsibilities.

Meet requirements of visiting statutory bodies in area of responsibility and establish and maintain ethical working relationships where possible.

Identify and Control Risks (Health, Safety, Environmental and other)

Facilitate the risk assessment process (establish the team, identify the process flow of the area risk assessed, identify task steps, identify risks, analyse risk, evaluate risks, implement and manage controls (implemented, effective, sustained).

Influence, inform, coach, train, mentor and remind employees’ onsite to apply the risk assessment process when starting up a new site or when conditions change onsite.

Non-compliance to the risk assessment process must be reported to the site owner.

Facilitate the review of baseline and issue based risk assessments at pre-determined intervals.

Verify that risk documentation are recorded, easily accessible, and up to date and secure to cover all risks onsite.

Setting Goals and Targets

Assist functional line managers (e.g. operations, maintenance, HR etc), site owners and direct reports to interpret regional SHEQ targets applicable to responsible sites.

Also consider requirements posed by the client and FA SHEQ system.

Assist functional line managers (e.g. operations, maintenance, HR etc), site owners and direct reports to establish SHEQ plans with goals and targets for the area of responsibility taking into account group, divisional and client requirements.

Assist functional line managers (e.g. operations, HR etc), site owners and direct reports to review progress on SHEQ site goals and targets at predetermined intervals.

Healthy People in a Hygienic Workplace

Ensure (auditing SHEQ assistants) that occupational health, hygiene assessments (eg. Noise, illumination, radiation, cyanide) and medical surveillance are conducted on an ongoing basis.

Managing employee health exposure according to limits set by the client medical practitioner.

Report employees not complying with limits set by the client medical practitioner to site owner and regional HR manager for further action.

Assist site owner to implement measures to alter site processes / layout to reduce health exposure levels to acceptable criteria.

Communicate Effectively

Verify (auditing SHEQ assistants), communicate and/or display SHEQ – policies, targets, instructions, objectives, goals, awareness material, relevant system documentation, learning’s, legal requirements, training requirements as per internal and external requirement for area of responsibility.

Partake and contribute in all SHEQ related meetings within your area of responsibility.

Communicate by means of verbal or written medium with internal or external stakeholders to resolve SHEQ related matters within your area of responsibility.


Grade 12

COMSOC 1 & 2


Must be registered with SACPCMP


Minimum 2 years’ experience in Mining/Construction environment

5 Years experience in Civil Construction


Attention to detail

Customer service, communication and facilitation skills

Decision Making

Technical ability

Analytical skills

Planning, Organizing, Controlling

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Computer Skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

Job Closing Date Fri Mar 08 2019



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