Start Your Career With The Trafic Police,SAPS or Metro Police

By | January 17, 2018

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  • Metropolitan Traffic Officer
  • SAPS Officer
  • Forensic Expert
  • Private Investigator
  • Security Personnel

The National Diploma Policing is registered on the SAQA database and it is accredited by the Safety and Security (SASSETA). Hence, upon successful completion you will receive a national diploma policing.

The National Diploma Policing programme consists of a two year learning programme towards the National Diploma Policing. The qualification consists of four semesters with an exit after you finish two semesters. The next exit will be the National Diploma Policing after the second year is completed, you are qualified to work iin SAPS/Metro.

First Year

NQF Level: 5

Total Credits: 120

Entry Requirements: Grade 12

Semester 1: Police Law 1: Apply principles of law of evidence, Apply provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act, Apply the general principles of Criminal Law. Investigation 1: Conduct preliminary investigations, Attend to an incident, Investigate a crime or incident Function in a Team: Function in a team, Administer a case file, Present evidence in a court of law

Semester 2: Manage Informers: Manage informers, Manage crime intelligence practices,Perform witness support activities Investigation 2: Conduct an investigation interview, Handle suspects in the investigation Personal Management: Demonstrate an understanding of stress, Demonstrate the application of performance management

Second Year

NQF Level: 5

Total Credits: 120

Entry Requirements: Grade 12

Semester 1: Police Law 2: Apply basic financial procedures to PFMA principles, Apply Human Rights in a policing environment, Demonstrate understanding of occupational health and safety legislation in the workplace. Communication: Communicate at an advanced level and maintaining interpersonal relations, Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace, Apply the principles of ethics to a business environment. Service Delivery: Manage service delivery improvement, Manage the implementation of organisational strategies, policies and plans in a Public Sector environment.

Semester 2: HR Management: Lead and manage teams of people, Manage workplace relations,Managed the induction of new staff, Enhance the performance of employees, Manage human resources processes for a public sector organisation. Document Management Systems: Optimise the utilisation of information systems to improve service delivery, Manage inventory, Conduct evaluations, inspections and visits for the purpose of assessing compliance and ensuring improvement of service. Manage Operations: Plan and implement operations, Analyse tactical options for crowd management, Manage tactical operations, Demonstrate understanding of crime prevention, Manage crime investigation processes for solving of crime, Manage the operations of a Community Service Centre (CSC), Manage the prevention of crime.

List of Course Administration Fees Price per units Total Fee
Diploma in Policing(1st year) Registration R500.00 R21,500.00
Deposit R3,000.00
Monthly (x12 months) R1,500.00
Diploma in Policing(2nd year) Registration No Reg R18,000.00
Deposit No Dep
Monthly (x12 months) R1,500.00

An exam fee of R200.00 is payable per Semester

1st year practical training: R2,500.00

2nd year practical training: R2,500.00

Assessment fee (Poe): R400.00 per Semester

Exam Re-write fee: R150 per module Late POE submission Fee R100.00

Please note that Practical Training and assessment fees are not included in the Total Fees.

The college will borrow learner’s books if they are available

and must be returned after each semester.

Books can be purchased at the college.

Entry Requirements:

Proof of Matric Results, Two Identity photos, Registration fee, Completed Enrolment Form

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