Unitrans: General Worker Opportunity

Closing Date 2020/12/07
Reference Number UNI201124-1
Job Title Systems Controller
Business Unit / Division General Freight
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location – Town / City Durban
Location – Province KwaZulu-Natal
Location – Country South Africa
Job Advert Summary An opportunity has arisen for a Systems Controller to ensure the daily shift operation is executed in accordance with the Plan, ensure all stock movement is executed and documented correctly and efficiently and ensure all relevant Checklists are correctly updated in accordance with HSSE. Please refer to the minimum requirements, duties and responsibilities below for further information.
Minimum Requirements • Grade 12 • Have previous experience in warehouse, FMCG, stock controlling. • Needs to pay attention to detail. • Presentable and orientated towards customer service. • Literate in Microsoft Excel, TMS and WMS
Duties & Responsibilities • Needs to follow safe working procedures in line with Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements as well as that of our customer. • Ensure all required daily, weekly and monthly Checklists are complete and submitted to HSSE Officer. • Sign all relevant documentation and accept responsibility for product checked. • Ensure that all signed documentation is handed over to relevant role players. • Be aware of all stock returns and “odds” and have the relevant documentation to go with it. • To report and follow up on all discrepancies and damages found. • To become familiar with all products. • To participate in the operations with positive feedback and suggestions to improve working conditions. • Adhere to all changes in the system and operation as required. • To undertake all duties and tasks as reasonably instructed across all spectrums of the operation from the supervisor. • Ensure Daily Plan is updated every two hours and distributed to all relevant role players. • Ensure all required Shift reports are submitted to all relevant role players at end of shift. • Checking of the Systems Interface Log on a daily basis for any errors and queries must be done daily. • Monitoring of all Interfaces for all files being imported or exported from SAP to WMS to TMS and vice versa. • Check all inbound files from SAP are in sequence order and nothing is rejected. E.g. SO, CA, PR, CU, SU files. • Re-dropping files that are Out Of Sequence. • Resetting the Zebra label printers and making sure they are online. • Set printer as default for printing of WMS GRN’s. • Data Changes for resetting of Pick groups when a pick group gets stuck in WMS before release. • Creating login Users in WMS and re-setting of user’s logins and passwords. • Freezing of Location Bins for any problem locations with reasons and how to Unfreeze them again. • Freezing of an entire selection of Location and how to Unfreeze a selection of locations. • Finding a specific pickface location for a specific product code. • Checking the UOM structure for a specific product code and the pallet quantity for that product. • Check if items are available on WMS. • Checking if a product is assigned as FIFO or by location and how to change these settings to release a pick. • All small packed products (inside racking) must be set as Location type. • Doing a history or enquiry on a specific pallet ID without slowing down the menus. • Quarantine stock enquiry and how to quarantine & Un Quarantine stock by location and Item Code. • Understand stock receipts and how to receipt in Blendcor and outside suppliers including Internal receipts. • Receipting of customer returns and collections. • Manual replenishment tasks for the picking via the instruct inter location transfer. • Stock adjustments via negative or positive stock adjustments with reasons. • Confirm leaker picks through the system. • Locating a WMS order number using Distribution order enquiry. • Building of export loads • Printing of check sheets. • Cancellation of SAP orders in WMS using the WMS order numbers and menu. • Creating and Entering cancelled orders in the orders not picked report and sending them out daily. • Releasing Pick Groups on a daily basis to the warehouse operators for picking via release to task • Monitoring of the task manager to ensure that all operators are always working and tasking them accordingly. • All functions of the Task Manager. E.g. assigning tasks, suspending tasks, deleting tasks, releasing tasks, changing priority etc. • Clearing of despatch management once all picking has been done. • Use despatch alteration menu when errors occur in despatch management. • Running of the SOH & SLE reports only once Task manager is clear on a daily basis and emailing to the necessary people. • Monitoring and Managing the WMS systems task manager on a daily basis for all tasks in the system. • Running of a task history for queries & investigations. • Printing cycle count sheets and issuing to the warehouse daily. • Creating a RF counts for a specific location. • Monitoring the stock take tasks via the task manager. • Updating of stock counts on WMS. • Updating the stock count master sheet. • Checking the symbol RF equipment and sending them for repairs. This must be done regularly. • Configuration of WMS on VC units and hand held scanners to connect to WMS. • Check if RF ports are working in the warehouse. • Running of the SOH & SLE reports on a daily basis and emailing to the necessary people. • KPI reporting for all storage location usages of the warehouse on a daily basis. • Extracting the daily task stats. • Updating the shift overviews daily. • Logging of all system related errors to dovetail support. • Ensure all system errors are entered in the systems error log with log numbers.

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